We live life to the fullest

What is the High Life Club

What is the High Life Club?

We believe that life should be lived to the fullest! Remember all that fun stuff you wanted to do as a kid when you “grow up”? Now is the time to do that and much more. You’ll be surprised by just how alive life can feel.

Who are we?

Who are we?

We’re a community of people from all over the world who share the same values, like doing rad things, and are ready to get after it by taking friendship and the human experience to the next level, while helping others.

We live life
to the fullest
What do we do?

What do we do?

We meet up with our local “pack” a couple times a month to catch up, philosophize, and do challenges together. Challenges are rad activities that allow us to really be in the moment, feel that adrenaline and endorphin rush, and get into FLOW while forming meaningful friendships thanks to small crew sizes.

The home of
Ready for a challenge?

Ready for a challenge?

Challenges are available in six disciplines and three difficulty levels. They are purely on a “hell yeah!” or “no” basis and include…

  • Thrill seeking adventures
  • Helping people in need
  • Heavy duty athletics
  • Funny pranks
  • Exploring new cultures, people, and places
  • Partying like there’s no tomorrow
Your highway to FLOW
Welcome home!

Welcome home!

We’re always excited to welcome awesome and active new friends, who like doing rad things, to our community. By awesome we mean being ego-less, fearless, fun, reliable, generous, inspiring, and open minded. These are the values we believe make it possible to get high on life sustainably and help others do the same. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Cameraman at the beach
    01 The destination is just the beginning

    Why join the High Life Club

    No more trade-off between having unique experiences and the planning headache. Also no more trade-off between being in the moment and wanting to capture the action on video. Our concierges and camera crew are here for you.

  • HLC Clubhouse in the Alps
    02 The destination is just the beginning

    Why join the High Life Club

    Access to the High Life Clubhouses and affiliate venues around the world.

  • Mountain equipment
    03 The destination is just the beginning

    Why join the High Life Club

    Easy access to equipment and gear for your adventures at self cost prices. Discover new experiences without new logistical nightmares.

  • Group of people skiing
    04 The destination is just the beginning

    Why join the High Life Club

    Learn from the best. We invite the best in the world at what they do to lead challenges in their area of expertise so you can get to know them and learn from them.

  • Two people diving
    05 The destination is just the beginning

    Why join the High Life Club

    Be part of the most awesome, rad, and active community of friends in the world.

How this works

Pick your character types

Pick your character types so the other crew members know what you’re into.

Pick your character types

Get inspired and pick a challenge. Start with something that you’re familiar with. But try something new every once in a while!

Say when and where you want to do the challenge

Say when and where you want to do the challenge and pick a crew or start your own.

Go out with your crew

Go out with your crew and master the challenge, all while enjoying time with your friends, meeting awesome new people, experiencing plenty of FLOW, and having an experience of a lifetime.

Post your video footage

Relive and share the moment with your crew, your aunt, the community, or the rest of the world through your challenge video and earn kudos!

Unlock new challenges and functionalities

Unlock new levels and challenges by earning kudos for every challenge depending on the difficulty level. Once you’ve reached 7 kudos you’re eligible for full membership:
Welcome to the High Life Club!

How to join

The journey is the destination

Get invited to join

Get invited to join one of High Life Club’s local packs by sending us your application.

get to know your local pack

Get to know your local pack as an aspirant, check out upcoming challenges, and join a crew for your maiden challenge.

You can now join challenges

Dive into the community activities, collect kudos, and explore a world of opportunities as a candidate.

eligible for full membership.png

Enjoy full membership with all its benefits and perks after reaching 7 kudos. Get ready for a transformative experience.

What members say

Get after it!

If you would like to get high on life, please apply or sign up if you already have an invite code.

If you would just like to stay in the loop and get practical tips and insights on how to get highest on life sustainably, please leave you contact details using the form below. We promise we’ll only send useful stuff your way and won’t share your info with anyone else.

What character type do you identify with the most?

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